Dropping the d, that’s rapery,
another non-word, cromulent
(ever see that episode of The Simpsons?
A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man),
a connotation without significance.
Words are just that. Words in the habits
of nuns, black-veiled ladies, hands tied
to meanings, holy interpretations,
words begetting other words,
father to son, Adam to Seth, Homer
to Bart. Behind each letter, a sound,
the spelling-bee syllabics: Is this right?
Am I pronouncing this word correctly?
Is it really English? OED-approved?
the frabjous wish for eloquence, elocution,
with one’s neologisms (two definitions:
“a new word, usage, or expression,”
or “a meaningless word coined by a psychotic).
Rapery too could have any number of meanings:
synonym of whorehouse, systematic breeding
ground for chickens, Internet chat-room,
New York fetish nightclub, brand of tampons,
mis-translated subtitle of a foreign film,
typo provoking the forcible assault of a written work–

namely, a poem.